mission statement
army crest
BM G Glass - 1886 BM H Langridge - 1886 BM Jack Pond - 1886-1909 BM Albert Webber - 1909-1911 BM Gilbert Antell - 1911-1926 BM William Walker - 1927-1938
BM Sylvester Henning - 1938-1943 BM Herbert Mountain - 1945-1950

Band History

BM Courtney Bosanko - 1950-1964 BM Kenneth Cook - 1964-1971
BM Howard J Evans - 2001-present explore
BM Kenneth Downie - 1971-1974 BM Geoff Otter - 1975-1995 BM Roland Wright - 1995-1996 BM Garry Lawrence - 1996-2001
The history pages are not yet complete - I guess they never will be as we keep making new history. Click on a bandmaster's photo to read some history from that era, or click on the globe to explore where band has visited on their campaigns across the UK and on tour to the rest of the world. Please visit again soon and see what has been added