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Thursday 11th February 2016


Band Open Evening 2016

Many years ago, the Band started a "tradition" of having a special evening towards the beginning of the year when the Band reservists could come along and sit in on a rehearsal - giving them a reminder of what it was like to be part of the Band. This tradition has since grown into an open evening when anyone can come along - share some music - then some food and fellowship with the Band.

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Thursday 3rd December 2015


Joy And Peace At Christchurch Priory

The Band's annual Christmas Concert at The Priory Church in Christchurch is always popular and well attended.  This year was no exception and the big crowd thoroughly enjoyed the evening.  Ramsay Caffull has once again provided a report of the event for use on this website.

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Friday 2nd October 2015


Concert for 'Vision of Hope'

Since the Salvation Army commenced operations in Ukraine in 1994, Salvationists from Winton, Boscombe, Poole and other Corps have been involved in helping support the ongoing work there in numerous ways. Orphanages, TB Sanatoriums, elderly people’s homes and Salvation Army premises have been renovated, children’s holiday clubs have been organised in orphanages and a Roma Gypsy settlement, and much needed clothing and food has been supplied and distributed.

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Thursday 17th September 2015


Reviews of Sanctuary Volume II

There have been a number of excellent reviews of our latest CD. They include one from Bandmaster Gavin Lamplough in The Salvationist and from J. Stuart Fawcett on the NABBC website. Here also is a review by Dr Ronald Holz from the British Bandsman.

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Thursday 9th July 2015


Summer Proms at Christchurch Priory

Continuing their busy summer season of normal Sunday worship meetings, open-air ministry and visits to hospitals and homes, the Band, under the leadership of Bandmaster Howard Evans, presented a concert of contrasting music to the enjoyment of a large congregation in the beautiful setting of the 11th century Christchurch Priory,

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