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Monday 29th June 2015


Tribute to Ray Steadman-Allen

Sometimes words are totally inadequate to convey the feelings one experiences on occasions when music speaks to the heart, and through its beauty lifts that person to a higher plane, so much so that they become acutely aware that they are in God’s presence and that his voice has spoken to them.

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Sunday 1st February 2015


Under Two Flags

Even though it was so appropriate that the march that was played was "Emblem of the Army", it would have equally fitting to have played "Under Two Flags" as the service that Eric Frampton has given the Boscombe Corps over the last fifty years was recognised in our Sunday Morning meeting.

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Sunday 23rd November 2014


New CD

Over the last few days the Band has been busy recording music for our next CD. It is a follow up to the ‘Sanctuary’ project, released in 2008, which was a survey of the meditation form in the Salvation Army repertoire. This did not mean that all the music was meditational and reflective, as some of the early Salvation Army meditation forms are quite positive and celebratory in character, depending on the song material that was used to form the basis of the music.

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Sunday 8th June 2014


Symphony Sounds

On the 9th June 1984 Boscombe Band under the leadership of Bandmaster Geoff Otter took part in the Bandmaster's Councils Festival at the Royal Albert Hall playing Ray Steadman Allen's The Holy War. The UK Territory's annual musical festival has recently been called the "Gospel Arts Festival" and this year moved to Symphony Hall Birmingham taking a new name - "Symphony Sounds".

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Tuesday 20th May 2014


Promoted to Glory

We are saddened to announce that our band's elder statesman Tommy Lynch was Promoted to Glory this evening.

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