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Sunday 27th April 2014


From The Salvationist

This week's issue of the Salvationist includes an interview with our own Bandmaster and a full page picture of Howard on the cover. As the issue was so popular that it sold out this morning at the Corps, you can read the article on this website if you missed it!


Sunday 20th April 2014


An Australian Easter

Easter 2014 in Boscombe saw an invasion of Australians - with our former commanding officers, James and Jan Condon, returning to lead the weekend and our guests being the Sydney Staff Songsters. Throughout the weekend the many people who had gathered were blessed by the words, the music and the message of Easter.

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Monday 14th April 2014


An Update

It has been over a year since the last entry in this blog - our apologies for not keeping you up to date with what has been happening with the Band.  There has been a lot.  That applies both to the Band as a whole and to the individuals within the Band.  This entry will not fill in all the holes - but it is intended to be the start of a more regular updating of the Band news once again.

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Monday 1st April 2013


Easter Convention - 55th Edition

Although Easter is always a special time at Boscombe - as it is for Christians everywhere - the nature of the annual convention is such that whilst the message remains the same - the delivery of that message changes from year to year.  In 2013 it was our pleasure to welcome our friends from Oslo, Norway, the Templet Hornorkester.  The Band had visited Oslo Temple in 2011 at the end of our scandinavian tour and were pleased to renew friendships with them.

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Thursday 7th March 2013


Open Rehearsal 2013

The annual open rehearsal was - as always - well attended and gave the members of the Band Reserve and other friends of the Band an opportunity to hear music old and new. Included in the programme this year was an 'auction' for an opportunity to take the place of our Bandmaster and conduct the Band in a march - This proved so popular that there were three winners - and therefore three marches - Bernard Snell, Ramsay Caffull and Andrew Main all winning the chance to experience just what it is like to stand in front of our Band.

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