Further Campaigns

Additional campaigns under Herbert Mountain's leadership included Chalk Farm, Croydon Citadel, Regent Hall, Lewisham, Brighton Congress Hall, Southsea Citadel, Chatham, Exeter Temple, Devonport and Leigh-on-Sea. A single broadcast was also made for the BBC's With Flag Unfurled series and this was directly responsible for at least one backslider returning to Christ.

Harold Walker, Reg Tubbs and Chris Hayes have already been mentioned as the band's principal soloists, but to their number was added Doug Lawrence, a newcomer to the solo cornet bench. His father, Gordon Lawrence - the band's principal percussionist since the early thirties, also featured as a vocal soloist with such songs as Confidence, Wings of Prayer and Companion Mine. Duets were also sung with Bob Allison, who later took over Gordon's role as vocal soloist. Further songs were featured by Ken Dowson. A welcome contribution to every band programme were the monologues of Norman Cutler. Wits End Corner, The Prodigal Bandsman, If, and others never failed to find a receptive ear, and their messages were forcibly brought home.