Kenneth Cook

Bandmaster Kenneth Cook

1964 to 1971

In January, 1964, Courtney Bosanko was succeeded as bandmaster by Kenneth Cook, who had already held a similar position for seven years at Regent Hall. A musician of the highest calibre, Bandmaster Cook was formerly an examiner at Trinity College, London where his was the first fellowship to be awarded for brass bands.

He wrote a number of books on banding, and was a prolific composer of band music until these activities were somewhat curtailed by serious illness at the age of 34. At Beaufort School, where he was responsible for teaching music and religious education, he continued his close connection with the schools brass band movement, taking charge of the school band that Courtney Bosanko had founded.


On Easter Sunday 11th April 1971 Bandmaster Cook received his retirement certificate from Commissioner Mingay having served as leader of Boscombe Band for seven years. The Commissioner commented on the wealth of fine music which had flowed from the pen of the bandmaster, and expressed the hope that when relieved of the responsibility of active banding he would continue to write music for which he was so well known and respected.

He had actually completed his term as bandmaster at the end of 1970, handing over to his deputy, Glyn Bosanko, who was to he responsible for the leadership of the band until May 1971. Although never commissioned bandmaster, Glyn Bosanko proved to be an extremely capable musical leader with his ability to inspire confidence and extract extraordinary performances from even the most ordinary player - much as his father had done.

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