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Steve Main
Soprano Cornet
Steve M
About Steve ...
SA bandsman since
Favourite Band Pieces
Arise my soul arise - Goffin, The Call of the Righteous - Condon, anything with an easy Sop part!!!!
The "day-job"
To keep my girls in the manner they are accustomed I am currently the Site Manager at an independent junior school in Bournemouth.
Kicking the opposition whilst playing for the corps football team. Being the oldest member of the team I enjoy teaching the young un's these important skills. I enjoy watching cricket (yes, some Scotsmen do like it) and watching most sports, I waste time on Facebook, surfin' the net and watching Quizzes, History tv and documentary programmes.
Steve is married to the lovely Lois and has two beautiful daughters, Jenna and Megan. He has been playing Soprano since 1990, a couple of months before the band Tour of Sweden, with varying degrees of success!!